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The legends from Peter Faltus

The origin of the name Faltus

One day found me Peter Faltus on the Internet and asked me for the translation of his research about the name Faltus.

E-mail 1

Hi Petr,

Thank You very much for Your e-mail and the offered help.

The body of the READ.ME file still has to be made by me. Next I send it to You. It will still take a time.

Now to Your questions: Linguists say the name Faltus comes from Latin word Valentinus, later Valtinus, Valtus, Faltus, Foltus, Faltys or Foltys.

The legends say Valentinus people moved as soldiers with emperor Hadrian to north (Romania) and in Romania settled as sheep shepherds down. Later they had to run away, because of Ottomans (Turks). Up to Orlické hory (the Eagle Mountains, Czech Republic).

The fact is that there live very much Faltus people in the neighbourhood of the Faltusův kopec (Faltus Hill). In Sobkovice, Nekoř, Letohrad, etc.

Any other story says the name Faltusův kopec (Faltus Hill) comes from Napoleon. One higher orientated soldier has been injured near this hill. In honour of this soldier, who had the name Faltus, became the hill just this name.

Something next to excite of Your curiosity: There should exist any german written dissertation thesis about the name Faltus. The place, where it is filed, is either me or other Faltus people not known.

Your e-mail address has been found by the search engine und there was written by You there: I can better German as English (mluvím lépe německy než anglicky). That's why I have addressed You.


Peter Faltus
Peter Faltus, Laatzen (region Hannover, Lower Saxony, Germany)

E-mail 2

Ahoi, milý Petr,

I went once more over Your e-mail from March 2000. You are writing, You are looking for, where comes the word Faltus from, how old it is and what does it mean.

I have been already concerned with this so I have found the book from Heintze Cascorbi. He writes:

   Valentinus: Latin from Valens, valere "healthful, strong".

   1. the martyr in the year 306.
   2. the bishop from Passau (Lower Bavaria, Germany).

   Valentin, |i, e(er);
   Val|-tin, -ten, -tl;
   Falt|-in(ger), -lhauser, -yn, -en, -(u)s, -a, etc.

In the book from Max Gottschalk:

   Valentinus: see above.

   1. the apostle Raetia 5.century;
   2. the martyr about the year 270, the bishop from Terni (Italy); the patron over the gout and the epilepsy.

   Valentin - for short: Valtin; Faltin, Faltyn; Felten; Felte;
   Faltus (in Silesia, Czech Republic), Falta (in the dialect of Klodzko, Poland).

There exist legends, which say the today's Faltus people came with the soldiery of the Roman emperor up to Romania and there depastured sheeps and were farmers. In the face of Ottomans (Turks) they escaped to west to the area of east Bohemia (Czech Republic), Klodzko (Poland), west Moravia (Czech Republic), it means in the region around Orlické hory (Eagle Mountains, Czech Republic).

Any other legend says, the Faltus people migrated through Lombardy (the north of Italy) to the river Inn (Engardin, Switzerland) and next along the river Inn to Passau (Germany) to the river Danube *) and they should had something im common with Napoleon. One brave soldier Faltus should have been injured at today's Faltusův kopec (Faltus Hill). According this incident Napoleon gave to this hill the name Faltusův kopec (Faltus Hill).
*) this is my philosophy

The next one tells the Faltus people came to the area of Bohemia and Moravia (Czech Republic) from Italy as the house builders and the stucco workers and they were engaged in church buildings. I looked over a little of books about czech church buildings, unfortunately I have not discovered the name Faltus there. I would like also tell You: when I first time visited (at that time) Czechoslovakia near Jablonné nad Orlicí, I found Sobkovice. On the cemetery there was on the almost every second tomb stone the name Faltus there.

There was in Vienna (Austria) one Faltus, who wrote on any german speaking university (Vienna?) his dissertation thesis about the name Faltus. Unfortunately I have not found either him or his work in the list of dissertation theses on universities. Of course I did not go over all or I made a mistake.

What keeps open for the clarification is why some people say the name Faltus is the german name and other people say it is the czech name. I have not faced this name in the history (the year 1800 and earlier) in Bavaria (Germany) see upper Inn *) yet.

So the legends to our name.


Peter Faltus
Peter Faltus, Laatzen (region Hannover, Lower Saxony, Germany)

GPS coordinates for the text

Faltusův kopec (Faltus Hill): 50.0532403N, 16.5896297E
Sobkovice: 50.0484781N, 16.5949192E
Nekoř: 50.0596264N, 16.5468967E
Letohrad: 50.0359611N, 16.4991964E
(all places in eastern Bohemia, Czech Republic)

The final Faltus lists from Peter Faltus

The final Faltus lists The final Faltus lists from Peter Faltus - PDF file (german, something czech)
The final Faltus lists The photos to the final Faltus lists - ZIP file of JPG files

zahradník = gardener
učitel = teacher
sedlák = farmer
kreslič = drawer
v domácnosti = in household
dráha = railway

domkař = cottage owner, cotter, cottier (only a tiny house with the garden)
chalupník = farmer house owner (a house with the field size of 1/4 lan)
láník = big field owner (the field size of 1 lan)

Vídeň = Vienna (capital of Austria)

Gärtner = gardener
Bauer = farmer
Händler = merchant
Pfarrer = parson (pastor)
Richter = judge
Förster = game-keeper (in the forest)
Oberförster = chief game-keeper
Eisenbahn = railway

Häusler = cottage owner, cotter, cottier (only a tiny house with the garden)

Geiersberg = Kyšperk (today Letohrad)
Vorstadt = Podměstí (today Letohrad)

Following: The oldest records of the name Faltus in the registers